Observation will take place within the jurisdictional territory of the municipality of Nebaj. Observers will have presence in the whole villages and communities where the TSE will open a poll station to vote. Greater attention will be given to the villages and communities as they are more vulnerable to any unforeseen or eventuality. This is the distribution of polling stations published by the TSE in the 2011 election.


Ensuring a healthy, trustworthy and transparent electoral process.

Specific Objectives

  1. Observe, monitor and supervise the electoral process since the opening of the polling stations until the counting of votes and signment of the Act of Results by the polling station board
  2. Collect latest and accurate results of each polling stations
  3. Communicate the results as direct results of the observing of elections


Phase 1: Training of 75 observers.
Phase 2: Observe and monitor the electoral process and collect the results of each polling station.
Phase 3: Press Release to communicate the results of the elections that will match the result issued by the Supreme Electoral Court.
Phase 4: Writing and delivery of reports to donors.
Election Observation: December 15, 2013.


  • Match the election results from the Observation with results reported by the TSE
  • As internal ¬†evaluation, is necessary to appoint supervisors who constantly monitor the presence of the observers on poll stations to ensure the transparent development of observation
  • As internal evaluation, monitor public opinion about the observing of election in Nebaj